Saturday, July 8, 2023

Interview At Bull Runnings


Thanks so much to Harry Smeltzer for posting an interview with me about Gettysburg’s Southern Front on his Bull Runnings site.  We covered a lot of ground - my childhood, some of my favorite authors, my writing "process," the U.S. attack at Richmond during the Gettysburg Campaign, and a little about my next project.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Edwin C. Bearss Book Award Goes to Gettysburg's Southern Front

Happy to pass along that Gettysburg's Southern Front received the 2023 Edwin C Bearss Book Award for outstanding scholarship in Civil War History from the Civil War Round Table of Chicago.

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Review Excerpts For Gettysburg's Southern Front


Just catching up on review excerpts for Gettysburg's Southern Front:

"A monograph infused with meticulous research, probing analysis, and a smooth narrative style that can serve as a model for today’s historians attempting write a modern campaign study."—Civil War Times

"Altogether, Gettysburg’s Southern Front is well written, deeply researched, and provides excellent analysis, breaking new ground in the literature of the war, with its look at what was potentially a decisive moment in the war."—New York Military Affairs Symposium

"This study’s value extends beyond its important connections to the Gettysburg Campaign. While those seeking a broader understanding of the Army of Northern Virginia’s invasion into Pennsylvania and the Union efforts to stop it will find Newsome’s smartly crafted book essential, anyone desirous of deepening their knowledge about the roles African Americans played in Civil War operations, interactions between civilians and the military, or the environment's impact on troops will find Newsome’s study of great worth."—Civil War News

"A masterful campaign narrative of understudied military actions."—Civil War Monitor

"Hampton Newsome has a knack for finding parts of the Civil War that have been either ignored or undercovered and then doing a a great job of researching and writing compelling narratives about those parts. This wonderful book is no exception."—Student of the American Civil War

"Newsome’s new book is a marvelously researched history of five weeks of Union and Confederate maneuvering to control the Confederate capital."—The Reconstruction Era

"Newsome’s account of the Union operations around Richmond during the Gettysburg campaign illumines a host of issues long overlooked."—Rocky Mountain Civil War Round Table

"Newsome marshals all of his prodigious research abilities and writing talents, along with strong map support, to craft yet another masterful microhistory of a lesser-known military operation."—Civil War Books and Authors

Monday, February 27, 2023

Book Review from The Civil War Monitor: Gettysburg's Southern Front


"Thousands of books have been written about the Gettysburg Campaign, yet talented scholars with fresh insights continue to prove the last has not been said about our most studied military campaign. In Gettysburg’s Southern Front, Hampton Newsome takes readers beyond the fields of Pennsylvania to examine Union efforts to threaten Richmond and its vital railroads in June and July 1863. In doing so, he offers a masterful campaign narrative of understudied military actions, squarely integrating them in the wider scope of the war." - Jonathan M. Steplyk in The Civil War Monitor 

Full review here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Interview on Civil War Talk Radio: Gettysburg's Southern Front

Many thanks to Gerald Prokopowicz for having me on his Civil War Talk Radio podcast to talk about Gettysburg's Southern Front from University Press of Kansas.

If you're curious about the book and would like to find out more in a pod format, here is your chance!

Interview At Bull Runnings

  Thanks so much to Harry Smeltzer for posting an interview with me about Gettysburg’s Southern Front on his Bull Runnings site.  We cove...