Richmond Must Fall:  The Richmond-Petersburg Campaign, October 1864

"The Best Civil War Books of 2013" 
- The Civil War Monitor, Winter 2013 ​

Finalist for the Richard B. Harwell Book Award from the Atlanta Civil War Round Table

“With meticulous research, Newsome seamlessly weaves together the stories of the Union and Confederate high command, blending them with tales told by the ordinary Johnny Reb and Billy Yank. . . .  Richmond Must Fall is an exemplary piece of military history, one that brings to life the stories of the forgotten battles of October 1864 in a fresh, page-turning way.” - Timothy J. Orr, History: Reviews of New Books

 “Newsome's clear prose and organization, which make a fairly complex series of battles into a logical, effective, and highly readable tome, are the highlight of the work. . . . Overall, Newsome has added to the growing body of knowledge of the Civil War by covering in detail this important but often forgotten campaign in the fall of 1864. The author's extensive use of source materials is impressive and should be a model for other scholars in the field, and his adroit use of first-person accounts is excellent.” - Robert R. Mackey, The Journal of Southern History

“Newsome’s considerable skill in constructing battle narrative from a wide depth and breadth of sources is on full display in this book. … Not only does it fill a gap in the military historiography of the campaign but it does so with a contribution of surpassing quality.”- Civil War Books and Authors blog

 "This extensively researched, well-written account, illustrated with an astonishing number of maps, takes the wraps off these forgotten battles. Newsome's detailed descriptions should satisfy even the most demanding Civil War armchair generals."  - The Seattle Times

 "[Newsome] seamlessly integrates personal accounts from letters and diaries into the text, providing a field-level sense of how the clashes unfolded. Newsome also provides a well-crafted sense of presence to the conflicts in the book . . . The result is a highly detailed but very readable description of the October battles around Petersburg."  - Civil War Book Review

"Richmond Must Fall is a first-rate addition to scholarship on the military history of the Civil War . . . [Newsome’s] research is solid, while his analyses of men, terrain and events are both persuasive and compelling.  Newsome also demonstrates a keen talent for describing events in a way that is thoroughly detailed but does not lose track of the larger picture."  - Ethan S. Rafuse, America’s Civil War

 "This is an excellent book.  Newsome writes in an engaging style, always keeping the story moving along . . . Siege of Petersburg students, of the war in the east, and of the armies and their constituent parts will want to own this book . . . This book is highly, highly recommended." -  TOCWOC, A Civil War Blog

 "Richmond Must Fall is a worthwhile addition to the field of Civil War military literature, not only in covering a neglected portion of a complex campaign, but also in illustrating its importance to the political side of the war . . . . [It] thus successfully integrates several diverse topics into a readable and useful narrative about a particular crucial phase of the war."  - Michael W. Coffey, The North Carolina Historical Review

Civil War Talks
Further Reminiscences of George S. Bernard and His Fellow Veterans

Edited with John Horn and John Selby

"The result is a rich collection of primary sources on the military history of the Civil War that, at times, also speaks to issues of historical memory . . . . The editors do an excellent job of clearly but unobtrusively guiding the reader through the documents . . . . The working historian will certainly appreciate the richness of the collection . . . . Military historians will find the collection particularly useful." - Andre M. Fleche, The Journal of Southern History

"Students of the Petersburg Campaign, the Army of Northern Virginia, and first person accounts of the Civil War will want to own this book.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say this is one of the most important new books on the war to come out in the past decade.  Items long forgotten by most, and some which may never have seen the light of day in any form, are now available thanks to some luck, some great editing, and the publishers at the University of Virginia Press."  - TOCWOC, A Civil War Blog

 " . . . this thoroughly documented and superbly edited volume belongs on every serious Civil War student's shelf. Bernard's collections of primary sources about Petersburg, the Weldon Railroad and Burgess' Mill are proverbial gold mines of personal accounts of those battles from both sides." - Civil War News